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Merino Shanks

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Our Merino Lamb is grass-fed, free-roaming and sustainably farmed. Most importantly our animals have led a happy and healthy life, free to graze as nature intended – this is reflected in the flavour and tenderness of our product. Merino Lamb is a rich source of protein and high in zinc, iron and vitamin B12. 

Lamb Shanks are the perfect comfort food when slow-cooked in a rich gravy.

Each packet contains: 2 X shank Approx weight 500 grams

Cooking Suggestions

We have plenty of cooking tips for you on our blog, click here to find out more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael W.
Super Shanks

Great meat, great service.

jaso o.
Excellent quality

Very nice, good quality

Lew D.
Delicious Merino Shanks.

Slow cooked merino shanks absolutely delicious. This is surely the best way to have Alpine Merino Shanks or for that matter other cuts which are ideal for this method of cooking. Perfectly complements the effort Middlehurst Station is putting into breeding and raising their lambs. As I have been lucky enough to be a guest at Middlehurst Station I have seen this for myself!

The lamb racks are delicious

Love the products & service is great too!

Priscilla D.
Meltingly tender

One of the toughest cuts, but utterly transformed by low slow cooking, and a great recipe. Delicious and hearty Winter food. Velvety, flavoursome, and juicy.