In a little over a decade, we have transformed the genetics of our flock through a careful and considered selective breeding programme to create the Middlehurst merino – a plain bodied, dual purpose animal bred to thrive in New Zealand conditions and produce a fleece that meets the specifications for commercial contracts (length, style and micron) on a early maturing carcass.

We have sourced our sires from Wallaloo Park in Victoria, Australia. At the outset, we identified this stud as producing a type of merino that matched our objectives for heavier fleece weight and improved style on a plain body. By purchasing top sires and using them in extensive AI (Artificial Insemination) and natural mating programmes we have developed a distinctive type over a relatively short period. We continue to select for conformation and constitution; breeding for robustness fertility along with wool and meat – key characteristics of the Middlehurst merino.

In 2008, we successfully delivered our first live shipment of ewes and rams to Noyers sur Jabron, France where stud breeder Emmanuel is using Middlehurst bloodlines to complement his own stud genetics. Increasing interest in our genetics offshore gives us confidence we are gaining the right balance of wool and meat genetics and this is proving commercially viable for our ram buyers. Middlehurst merinos are being used to help increase wool values, carcass weight and fecundity.

Please talk to us if this sounds like the type of animal you’re after.